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"A gentle and effective cleanser for glowing skin".
Introducing our LEMON CLEANSING MILK, your skin's ultimate companion! With a generous volume of 500 mL, this powerful skin cream ensures that your face is nourished and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to dirt, oil and makeup for the day, as this gentle milky cleanser effectively removes all impurities from your skin, leaving it fresh and refreshed

The secret lies in the natural avocado content, which nourishes your skin and provides essential nutrients. The rich, creamy texture moisturizes and soothes dry skin, giving it a new boost. Pamper your skin with this luxurious milky cleanser, giving you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.

"Unlock the power of vitamin E for youthful skin".
Packed with the antioxidant power of Vitamin E, our LEMON CLEANSING MILK takes your skincare routine to the next level. This vitamin-infused cleanser offers many benefits for your skin, fighting free radicals and preventing premature aging. Your skin will feel nourished, refreshed and glowing with every use.

The combination of avocado and vitamin E makes for a powerful duo that not only cleanses your skin but also nourishes it, leaving it incredibly smooth and supple. Experience the magic of this natural blend as it restores your skin’s natural glow and protects it from environmental stress. Embrace youth and glowing skin with our vitamin-rich milk cleanser.

"Breathe easily in unclogged pores".
Give your skin the freedom to breathe with our LEMON CLEANSING MILK. This professionally formulated cleanser gently opens up your clogged pores, removing trapped dirt from your skin.
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