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MUSK GOLD & BLUE HEAVEN COMBO PERFUME SPRAY 20ML ( PACK OF 2 ) Eau de Parfum - 20 ml (For Men & Women)

MUSK GOLD & BLUE HEAVEN COMBO PERFUME SPRAY 20ML ( PACK OF 2 ) Eau de Parfum - 20 ml (For Men & Women)

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MUSK GOLD:  the first breath. a burst of jasmine and geranium follow, elegant and bright, then the enchanting notes of rose slips out of their sheath and grabs all attention.the obsessive pulsing of vanilla enters the fray, pacifying woody and oudh with an addictive sweetness. white musk spreads to become all enveloping and offers the most beautiful facets of the scent.

BLUE HEAVEN: BEAUTYSENSEHUB Perfumes has developed some of the most prestigious and finest fragrances that have opened new olfactive territories.Our Perfumers, with their own personality and way of composing, know how to work together as a team for boundless creativity.Browse the extenstive list of fragrances we work from below, or if do not see a fragrance that you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to create it for you!Our creative experts enrich the world with fragrances and natural perfumes that bring excitement and pleasure to consumers everywhere.When consumers seek out fragrances, they’re looking to buy a memorable emotional experience. Be it contemporary, sexy, powerful, elegant, mysterious, captivating or energetic.At, BEAUTYSENSEHUB Perfumes we feel those emotions of consumers around the world. We bring them sophisticated, relevant and desirable creations. In turn, they become brand loyal and transform into LOYAL customers.

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